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In September of 1986 Cloverdale Montessori School opened its doors for the first time in the beautiful city of Boise. A split level home was converted into four classrooms.  We enjoy a large outdoor space with new playground equipment. The first owner decided to retire in April of 2002 and sold the school to Lynn Butler.  Lynn worked endlessly to make improvements, build her team of teachers, and make Cloverdale Montessori School the best educational place for every student.  In September of 2022, Lynn retired and sold the school to Marie & Tim Schwarzenberger. Our team of teachers have a long history with Cloverdale Montessori School, with the average employment length of thirteen years.  We have been committed to the success of each and every student from the beginning.  

Tim & Marie Schwarzenberger, Lynn Butler, Rosemarie Schwarzenberger

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