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  • Carrie Hoshaw

Our Extra Classes

Cloverdale Montessori is please to offer a variety of extra classes during the week. We are very confident in the quality and education your child will receive during these classes. They will typically offer a trial class for your child, if you are interested. You can sign up and pay with the classes on line sites (links below) or fill out the paperwork located on the cork board in the hall.

Handstands- A Mobile Gymnastics Company

Handstands will be new to CMS this year. They are a mobile gymnastics company that holds classes right at the school. They teach children to use their muscles and train their brains; all while having fun on a variety of gymnastics equipment. Ages 2-12 learn how to roll, jump and flip in a fun 30 minute class.

They will be holding their gymnastics classes on Thursday's from 12:30 to 1:00 in Ms. Jan's Room. You may sign up your child for a free trial of Handstands by filling out the paper working located on the cork board.

The Dance Connection

Dance Connection has been providing a quality program at Cloverdale Montessori School for 5 years. All classes are taught by experienced, talented, caring teachers. They love sharing their gift of dance with children and are always prepared with well-planned, age appropriate lessons and music. The class are structured, yet flexible to meet the need of the preschoolers and primary grade students.

The class is very popular and typically gets broken up into two classes as more students sign up. Currently the class is scheduled for Wednesdays from 12:15 to 12:55. The students put on a small performance in December at the school and a larger performance in May at a local auditorium.

Little Feet Taekwondo

Little Feet Taekwondo's classes are designed to teach children ages 3 and older the basics of Taekwondo. Each child will earn a stripe on their belt for each new skill they master. After eight stripes, and approximately 12 weeks, your child will attend a Belt Rank Test at our home school in downtown Eagle or at CMS. Little Feet Taekwondo is a great way to teach your child respect, discipline and self worth.

Little Feet Taekwondo will be holding their class on Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 p.m.

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