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  • Carrie Hoshaw


We love all the kind words our parents send to us when their children graduate from CMS. The parents heartfelt appreciation brings us great joy. Here is just a sample of what parents write to Ms. Lynn when their children graduate.


I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all do and have done for Tucker. Your patience, kindness and cooperation have made a tremendous difference to family. Please know how much we appreciate you and the wonderful staff at Cloverdale Montessori. We count our blessings to have found such an amazing school for our son.

Most Sincerely,

Amanda & Trev

Miss Lynn -

Thank you so much for another great year and especially for being so flexible with us. It means so much to us to be able to have Marissa at CMS. It is so reassuring to have Marissa somewhere she is happy and well cared for!


Lawrence & Renee...


Thank you to all your staff for being a very important part of Hailey's life. Cloverdale Montessori has provided a wonderful, nurturing, supportive and safe environment for Hailey to learn, grow, and begin discovering more about herself and this beautiful world we live in. Thank you, from the depths of our heart, for this important role you've played in her early years.

Amy & James...

It's been 3 years of many, many "little" things - please know that they will continue to make a lifetime of difference for Ethan and everyone who loves him. Our gratitude is endless, and we will always look fondly on our years with all of you. Thank you, and best wishes!


I so much appreciate what you have done for Joshua. I remember the extra attention you gave him when he first started at CMS. You established trust and helped him transition. You helped Josh gain confidence and helped him grow into the fine young boy he is. I am so grateful! I can only pray that through his next 12 + years of school, that he will have a couple teachers with hearts like yours. Our world and especially our children need more people like you!!

Many blessings to you, your school and your family!


To everyone in Cloverdale Jan, Lynn, Carrie, Araceli and everyone there I want to say Thank you so much for all the love, caring and compassion you have all given to my son. He has grown so much from the first day of school to now. You have all nurtured him and given him life long skills. He has changed so much and matured beyond belief. I can not say enough about all the teachers and everyone else that has taken their time and given so much to my son. I will miss you all very much and the "family" we have gotten to know. We will always remember you all and what you have left in my son and given to him.

Thank you for everything

Grace & Chris...