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  • Carrie Hoshaw

Happy Birthday Maria Montessori

Today we celebrated Maria Montessori 's Birthday. At Cloverdale Montessori we have a special Celebration of Life Ceremony for every birthday. So, we did the Celebration of Life Ceremony for Maria Montessori. Everyone learned about Maria Montessori's life during this special circle time.

For students, the parent fills out a Celebration of Life worksheet with information about their child. Here is the Celebration of Life worksheet filled out for Maria Montessori. Ms. Carrie read the Maria's story while the students took turns walking around the sun, for a total of 81 times.

They loved learning about how she was the first woman doctor in Italy. They found is amusing that her son's name was Mario, like Super Mario Brothers. They were able to remember the details I included about the war and Mussolini.

The presentation was filled with pictures from Montessori's life. The pictures of the first classroom, showing the same materials we have in our classroom were of great interest.

"Is that our classroom?"

"Is that what this classroom used to look like?"

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